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Getting Started

There are two ways to get started. With installer or without installer.

With installer

  1. Fork the juno-core repository
  2. Run npx create-juno-dev-env in the same parent folder as where you forked the repository
  3. When using cloud backend request to be added to the Google Test users via Discord, if you want to run local follow the steps here

Without installer

  1. Download the code to your local machine - and run yarn to install all packages
  2. Create a file called .env in the root of the project
  3. If you want to run the backend on your local - set up the backend server via the steps here, else continue to the next step.
  4. Add VITE_BACKEND_URL=YOUR_BACKEND_URL to the .env file - the current default is http://localhost:5001- If you wish to work with our hosted cloud backend, so you don't have to manage the backend you have to set: VITE_USE_LOCAL_FRONTEND_CLOUD_BACKEND=true and VITE_BACKEND_URL= And request to be added to the Google Test users via Discord
  5. All the other values given as an example in .env.example are optional.
  6. Run the app via yarn start. Open http://localhost:3000 to view it in the browser